Faculty Toolkit

Make it easy for your faculty members to access all relevant tutorial info...

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide easy access to our knowledge base articles to inform and educate faculty members who use Via TRM for student advising and application management. 

Two notes while using this toolkit:

  • In the below sections, the term Travelers to refer to the students in your Via TRM account. (NOTE: In your account, your administrator maybe have customized the word Travelers) 
  • Depending on your home institution, you may or may not have adequate permissions to complete these workflows in Via TRM. If you believe you should have permission to perform a certain task, reach out to your organization's Super User/s for assistance.

Sign In/Sign Out

  1. Create an account after receiving an invitation
  2. Sign In through Single Sign On after an account has been created for you
  3. Sign In through Non-Single Sign On after an account has been created for you

Forgot Password

  1. For Non-Single Sign On users, here's how to reset your password
  2. For Single Sign On users, you will need to reach out to your IT team if you're experiencing difficulty with your University login and/or password

Traveler Sign In

Click here to read all about the Traveler sign in and sign up process, including video walk-throughs.

Program Brochures

Program Brochures are the way your university communicates information and promotes a program. Program Brochures are also the travelers 'link' to starting an application.

Anyone can view Programs - even without an account - by using the Visitor Program Dashboard and the Visitor Program Brochure pages.

Click here for more info on Visitor Programs.

Traveler Profile

This article explains how to access a Traveler’s profile, the location where all data (messages, notes, programs, applications, forms, events, traveler information, & program preferences) related to that Traveler can be found.

Click here for more info on Traveler Profile

Send Messages

You can communicate with Travelers in Via using the message center. Messages can be sent to Travelers from their Traveler Profile or from most of the dashboards.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how to send messages.

Traveler Applications and Forms

As an Administrator in Via, you might be reviewing Traveler applications and forms. Both are easy to review on screen in Via, or you can export reports from Via to review applications or forms in bulk on a CSV file.
Click the links below for more detailed information on the workflows you might use as part of the enrollment process on your campus.

Add Forms to Travelers

Admins with permission can add general forms to Travelers. This can be helpful if there is specific information you need from a select few Travelers on your program or if you want Travelers to receive this form outside of a standard workflow. If you want all Travelers to receive forms when their application status changes to either Committed, Approved, Conditionally Approved or Nominated, you will either add the general form to the desired term in batch or one at a time in Program Settings.


As an Administrator in Via, you may have permission to create events, invite Travelers to events and/or manage events. If you do, check out the workflows below for detailed information on how to manage events and event participants.