What is the Visitor Program Dashboard?

The visitor program dashboard in Via Global highlights your public and published program portfolio, for all to see without a login. Users can view, search, sort, and filter programs on the Visitor Dashboard without creating a traveler account in Via Global. From the visitor view, if desired, users without a Via Global account can sign up for one and users with a Via Global account can sign in. 

To access your organization’s visitor program dashboard URL…

  1. Go to https://<<your organization’s subdomain>>.via-trm.com/visitor-programs 

Example, if you’d like to view your organization’s visitor dashboard and its subdomain is “colorado-university” the visitor dashboard URL would be “https://colorado-university.via-trm.com/visitor-programs”


To copy a URL to your organization’s visitor program dashboard…

Admins with permission can copy the Visitor Program Dashboard URL from the Admin view of the Program Dashboard. To do this:

1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu

2. Click the URL the upper right corner next to View & Share Visitor Programs to copy the link to your clipboard (below your photo or silhouette)

3. Share the URL as desired


The search bar in the Visitor Program Dashboard can search for the following:

  • Program name
  • Term name
  • City
  • Country
  • Subject area
  • Housing type
  • Organization name

The following sorting orders are available:

  • Internal A-Z, Affiliate A-Z
  • Affiliate A-Z, Internal A-Z
  • Program Name A-Z
  • Program Name Z-A

The following filters are available:

  • Program Name
  • Term Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Program Length
  • Subject Areas
  • Program Country
  • Program City
  • Program Type
  • Language of Instruction
  • Language Immersion
  • Housing Type
  • Internal/Authorized
  • Organization Name

Users can view any program brochure by clicking on the respective program tile. Once a user views a program brochure, they have the ability to Apply, which drives them to either sign in to their Via TRM account or sign up for an account.

To sign in to your Via Global account…

  1. Click Apply from a specific program or Sign In/Sign Up from the Visitor Program dashboard
  2. Type your credentials
  3. Follow your university Sign In process

To sign up for a Via Global account through non-Single Sign On…

  1. Click Sign In / Sign Up in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Type your credentials
  4. Click Let’s Go!