How do I send a message to Travelers?

Admins can send messages to Travelers one at a time or in batch from the Traveler Dashboard, Event Dashboard, Application Dashboard, and Form Dashboard.

To send a message to one or more Travelers in batch from any dashboard...

1. Click Travelers, Applications, Forms or Events in the main navigation menu

2. Search or filter for the desired Traveler or group of Travelers

3. Check the box next to each intended recipient and/or check the box in the header to select all filtered Travelers

4. Click Actions

5. Select Send Message

6. Type a subject, message, and add any desired attachment

7. Click Send

Admins can send a message to one Traveler from within their Traveler Profile Messages tab or from within an Application or General Form.

Admins can navigate to a Traveler Profile by clicking the Traveler name or email from the following dashboards: Travelers, Applications, Forms, Event Participants

To send a message to a Traveler from the Traveler Profile…

  1. Click Travelers in the main navigation menu
  2. Search or filter for the desired Traveler
  3. Click the Traveler’s name or email
  4. From the MESSAGES tab, create a new message by typing a subject, message, and clicking the paper clip icon to add any desired attachment
  5. Click Send

To send a message from within the Traveler Application...

1. Click Applications

2. Find the desired application

3. Click the Application (template) Name in the same row as the desired Traveler. This will open the Traveler Application.

4. Click Actions on the right and select Send Messages from the dropdown menu

5. Add a subject, content and any attachments

6. Click Send


Q: What is the difference between a default message recipient and a message recipient? 

A: A default message recipient acts both a safety net for Travelers without any message recipients assigned to them and a home campus program contact for authorized programs. A message recipient is part of a group chat for the Traveler(s) to which they are assigned.