What is a Traveler Profile?

Traveler Profile

All data associated with a Traveler is housed the Traveler profile. The Traveler profile has 6 different tabs that store Traveler data:

  1. Messages
  2. Notes*
  3. Traveler Programs**
  4. Events
  5. Traveler Info
  6. Program Preferences

*indicates a tab that is not visible/accessible by travelers

**This tab is called 'My Programs' in the Traveler's view of their profile


This tab allows Admins and Travelers to send messages to one another and have access to all historic messages, similar to a text message thread! When a message is sent, a copy of the message is sent to both the Admin and Traveler’s email inbox. In addition, this tab allows Admins to add or remove a message recipient. A message recipient is an Admin that receives a copy of all messages to the Traveler from other Admins and from the Traveler (think of a message recipient as being part of a group chat with the Traveler).

Once an Admin sends a message to a Traveler from their Traveler profile, the Admin automatically becomes the Traveler’s message recipient. There is no limit to how many message recipients a Traveler can have. Click here for info on how to send messages.


The notes tab allows Admins to create and save notes relevant to the Traveler. This tab is visible to Admins only. Click here for info on how to create and save notes.

Traveler programs

This tab shows all programs that a Traveler has favorited and/or to which a Traveler has applied, organized by Favorited, Upcoming and Past. Admins can click on the program tiles in Upcoming and Past to view Traveler applications and forms. Admins can click on the profile tiles in Favorited to view the program brochure.


This tab shows all upcoming, past and cancelled events that a Traveler was invited to, registered for, or attended.

Traveler info

This tab shows the following information about the Traveler:

  • Personal information
  • Academic information
  • Contact information
  • Emergency contact
  • Passport & visa status
  • Custom Fields* - unsure how to create custom fields? click here to learn more!

    * In the Traveler view of the Traveler Profile, this section is called 'Additional Information' instead of 'Custom Fields.'


Both Travelers and Admins are able to add and edit content in Traveler info fields at any time.

If an organization has a custom integration with their student information system, all synced data will land and live in the Traveler info tab of the Traveler profile. Meaning, the data integration links the organization’s student information system with the Traveler info tab of a Traveler’s profile. All synced fields will be read-only and grayed out, therefore, if the data in a synced field should need to be updated, that data must be edited in their student information system.

Program preferences

This tab shows the Traveler’s responses from both the Traveler Intake & Program Matching experiences. Travelers are able to edit their responses while Admins cannot.