How do I create a new Event?

Events are created by Admins and used for scheduled meetings, info sessions, orientations, advising appointments, webinars, office hours, etc. Click here to learn more about Events.

With events, Admins can:

  • Invite travelers to register
  • Share the Registration link with Travelers so they can self-register
  • Track registration & attendance before, during, or after the event

Event brochures can be created, viewed, and edited from the Event Dashboard


To create a new event…

Because Via places no restrictions on naming events, Admins can use the same Event name over and over again (i.e., Pre-departure Orientation). Via recommends using a distinguishing naming convention (i.e., Pre-departure Orientation Fall 2022) to help when filtering, sorting and searching.

  1. Click Events in the main navigation menu
  3. Add the following (* indicates required fields):
    • Name*
    • Location*
    • Start Date & Time*
    • End Date & Time
    • Photo
    • Description
  4. Click SAVE