What are settings?

Settings is a location where account-related items can be viewed and edited by all users. Travelers have access to only their personal account settings whereas Admins, depending on roles & permissions set by the Super User/s, have access to both personal and organization-wide account settings. Organization-wide settings refer to settings that are holistically applied to the Via Global account and any user that has a Traveler or Admin account.

There are 11* tabs available to admins in Via Global:

  1. Organization
  2. Branding
  3. Term Names
  4. Authorized Programs
  5. Program Alternates
  6. Custom Fields
  7. Term Tags
  8. Users
  9. Roles & Permissions
  10. My Account
  11. My Notifications

*if a Client has both Via Global and Via Travel, they will also see a SafeCheck tab that allows admins to customize language specifically for the SafeCheck enrollment workflow 

To access settings…

  1. Click the photo icon in the upper right corner in the main navigation menu 
  2. Click Settings and head to the desired tab!


This tab displays the information used to create the Via Global account and allows admins to turn on/off intake and program match and set their organization time zone.


This tab allows admins to add/update their logo, choose organization colors, and set custom aliases. 

Term Names

This tab allows admins to create, edit, archive & restore term names. 

Authorized Programs

This tab allows admins to turn on/off authorization of third-party Provider programs. If authorization is turned on, Admins can create suitcases and customize language specific to those programs. 

Program Alternates

This tab gives Admins the option to ask Travelers to provide alternates on an application for an internal program. If program alternates display is turned on, Admins can choose a maximum number of alternates that Travelers can select and customize language that Travelers will see in the application process.

Custom Fields

This tab allows Admins to create, edit and delete custom fields. 


This tab allows Admins to create, edit and archive tags. 


This tab allows Admins, specifically Super Users, to invite, assign or change user roles, and archive other Admins as well as select default message recipients. 

Roles & Permissions

This tab allows Admins, specifically Super User/s, to customize permissions associated with the 3 customizable Admin user roles: Power User, Support User, and Occasional User. 

My Account

This tab allows Travelers & Admins to input personal information, upload a photo of themself, and change their password.

My Notifications

This tab allows Admins and Travelers to turn on/off receiving notifications.