What are Administrative users?

The users tab in settings allows Admins, specifically Super Users, to do the following:

An Admin is a type of user with rights/permission to perform certain administrative tasks. In Via Global, there are 4 Admin user roles:

  1. Super user
  2. Power user
  3. Support user
  4. Occasional user

Super User

Super User, the highest Admin role, has irrevocable permissions. We recommend limiting your Super Users because they have access to all data within the account. When setting up every Via Global account, Via sets a limit on the number of Super Users that can be invited.

Interested in increasing the limit? Email support@via-trm.com for next steps! 

Power User

Power User, the second highest Admin role, has the ability to have most of the permissions available to Super Users. Power user permissions are only editable by Super Users. Power Users can be given the permission to edit permissions for Support and Occasional Users.

Common Power Users are other folks in the office not assigned as Super Users.  

Support User

Support User, the third highest Admin role, has fewer permissions available than Power Users. A Support User can never be given the permissions to edit Settings or configure other Admin user roles. 

Common support users are student workers or graduate assistants. 

Occasional User

Occasional User, the most limited role, can only seeing data associated with programs for which they’ve been assigned as a program administrator. If they are not assigned as a program administrator for any program/s, upon login they will see nothing. If they are assigned as a program administrator for one or more programs, upon login they will see:

  • only the programs assigned to them
  • Travelers that have favorited and/or applied to their program/s
  • Traveler applications and forms associated with their program/s

Common Occasional Users are faculty and staff leaders, regional and resident directors, and on-site coordinators. 

In order for Occasional Users to see programs and/or travelers, they must be assigned as a Program Contact and/or Program Administrator to a Program in Program Settings.