How do I add a Program Administrator to Internal Programs?

Admins with permission can add Program Administrators to Internal Programs. Generally, Occasional Users are added as Program Administrators to give them access to the Program. Occasional Users that are assigned as Program Administrators to a Program can view Travelers that have applied to or favorited Programs to which those Occasional Users are assigned.
If an Admin is invited to be an Occasional User in Via and has permission to view Programs and view Travelers, that Occasional User will see neither Programs nor Travelers UNLESS she is given access to a Program. Once the Occasional User is given access (by another Via admin adding her as a Program Administrator or Program Contact to a Program), then she will be able to see the Program/s to which she's been given access AND she will be able to see the Travelers that have applied to or favorited programs to which she has access.
So, for example, Super User Kelly invites Sandra to be an Occasional User. Super User Kelly adds Sandra as a Program Administrator to the Semester in Spain program. When Occasional User Sandra logs in to Via, she will see the Semester in Spain program, as well as any Travelers that have applied to or favorited Semester in Spain.
To add or edit Program Administrators...
  1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu
  2. Click the name of the desired Program
  3. Click Edit Brochure on the top right corner of the Program Brochure
  4. Scroll down to Internal Program Settings
  5. Click + Add or Remove Program Administrators
  6. Check the box of the desired user
  7. Click Save
  8. Save Program
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