How do I set up my organization to authorize third-party programs?

The authorized programs tab in Settings allows Admins to turn on/off authorization of third-party provider programs. A third-party program, often referred to as an authorized, external or provider program, is a program brochure created outside of and authorized into an organization’s Via Global account.


Authorization of third-party programs can be turned on or off at any time. If authorization is turned on, Admins can…

If authorization is turned off, Admins cannot do any of the above. 

To turn on/off authorization… 

  1. Click the photo icon in the upper right corner in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Authorized Programs tab
  4. To turn on, click Turn on authorization
  5. To turn off, click Turn off authorization

Authorized program suitcases

After authorization has been turned on, authorized program suitcases can be created by the home campus to then be assigned to authorized program terms. Once a suitcase (with a saved application template) is assigned, Travelers can apply to those authorized programs. For more information on how to create a suitcase, click here.

A suitcase includes the following (*indicates a required field):

  • Term Name*
  • Application Template
  • Application deadline date & time
  • Form Template group(s)
  • Form deadline date(s)
  • Program Alternates


Authorized program messaging

Admins can customize messaging that appears to Travelers in the authorized program process:

  1. Before an application is started, on the eligibility screen where Travelers select the desired term 
  2. After an application is started, in a mailer that is sent to Travelers confirming application creation 

The messaging presented to Travelers before they start an application is fully customizable.

To customize messaging… 

  1. Click the photo icon in the upper right corner in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Authorized Programs tab
  4. Instructions before an application is started
    1. Review default copy
    2. Edit the copy as desired
    3. Format the copy as desired
    4. Click Update Instructions


Admins can edit or turn off messaging in the mailer sent to Travelers after they start an application to an authorized program.

To edit or turn off the mailer, head to Builder > Automations. For more info on Automations, click here.


Q: Do I have to assign a suitcase to all future authorized program terms?

A: Nope! Admins can choose which authorized program terms they’d like to assign suitcases to; if an authorized program does not have any future terms with a suitcase assigned to it, Travelers will see Learn More on the program brochure side bar and will be unable to start or submit an application

Q: Why do travelers see Learn More rather than APPLY NOW on an authorized program brochure on the side bar?

A: It could be attributed to any of the following:

  • there are no future terms – if so, we’d recommend contacting the third-party provider to request that they add future terms!
  • there is a future term, however, there is no suitcase assigned to it – if so, we’d recommend creating one
  • there is a suitcase associated with the future term, however the application deadline is in the past - if so, and you'd like travelers to continue to start and submit applications for the term, we'd recommend editing the suitcase and changing the application deadline to a future date

Q: Can I add future terms to or edit content on authorized programs?

A: No – if the program has been authorized into your organization’s Via Global account, neither future terms can be added nor content be edited by the home campus. Via recommends reaching out to your provider partner to ask them to add future terms.

Q: Who, from the home campus, receives authorized program application-related mailers from Via?

A: All default message recipients receive mailers related to authorized programs; if there is no default message recipient selected, all account Super Users will receive the mailers

Q: If a Traveler starts an application to an authorized program in Via, is that considered applying to BOTH the home campus and provider?

A: No, Travelers applying to an authorized program must, in addition to applying to their home campus, apply directly to provider outside of their home campus’ Via Global account and fulfill all provider requirements