How do I edit user roles & permissions?

The roles & permissions tab in settings allows Admins, specifically Super Users, to customize permissions associated with all other Admin user roles. The Super User role is not customizable in that all permissions are irrevocable. There are 3 customizable administrative user roles in Via Global:

  1. Power user 
  2. Support user
  3. Occasional user

Occasional Users need both access and permission. Occasional Users are granted 'access' by adding them as either a Program Contact or a Program Administrator to a particular program.

Occasional Users can only 'see' programs to which they've been assigned.

Occasional Users can only 'see' Travelers that have applied to or favorited programs to which they've been assigned.

For more info on Occasional Users, click here.

The above 3 users have varying levels of available permissions, in other words, not all permissions for the above 3 Admin user roles are customizable. There are 9 permission categories available for customization:

  1. Organization settings
  2. User settings
  3. Programs
  4. Reports
  5. Events
  6. Traveler information
  7. Traveler applications & forms
  8. Application templates
  9. Form templates
  10. Recommendation Forms
  11. Automations
  12. Via Travel - Travel Plans (if applicable)
  13. Via Travel - Risk Alerts (if applicable)

Super users can, at any time, edit permissions of other admin users. If a permission isn’t editable, a not symbol will appear in the permission box. 

To edit permissions…

  1. Click the photo icon in the upper right corner in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Roles & Permissions tab to see the configurable categories
  4. Click the down arrow icon expand the category
  5. Give or remove a permission by clicking the desired box
  6. Click Save