How do I create an Application (template)?

An Application, one of three different form types, is a questionnaire created by an Admin for travelers to fill out when they click Apply Now on a program. Applications are added to program terms and suitcases when setting up the application workflow.

When creating an Application, Admins are prompted to give the Application a unique name. Newly created Applications are in the Draft state. Once an Application is created, Admins can add headers, text paragraphs, dividers, traveler info fields and custom questions. Unsure what these items are? Click the links on the articles referenced below for more information.

When creating an Application, consider requesting only the information needed to make an acceptance decision - or information that might be challenging to gather later in the enrollment process. 


To create an Application…

  1. Click Builder in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Create New
  3. Select Form Type Application
  4. Click Next
  5. Type in an Application Name
  6. Click Create

All Applications default to having First Name, Last Name and email address on the form. Via recommends keeping these data associated with each Application for easy searching, sorting and reporting!


Published Applications are available to be added to a program term in Program Settings or an authorized program Suitcase.

You've just created an Application! 

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