How do I duplicate an Application (template)?

Admins can duplicate Application (templates) for convenience. This is extremely helpful particularly when there is an Application that only needs minor edits.

Keep in mind that all edits to a Published or Unpublished Application (template) - from adding questions to deleting fields to rearranging the order - impact ALL Traveler Applications that have been created FROM that original Application (template). As a result, if an Application (template) needs editing and has been used previously, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to consider duplicating the Application (template), editing it and then attaching it to internal program terms or suitcases, as desired. (Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of editing Application templates.)


To duplicate an Application (template)…

  1. Click Builder in the main navigation
  2. Click Applications
  3. Click the 3 dots under Actions in the same row of the desired Application and select Duplicate
  4. Proceed to editing the newly created Application (template)
  5. Click Next when edits are complete
  6. Click Save to save the changes
  7. Attach to program terms or suitcases, as desired
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