What is a dashboard?

A dashboard in Via is home to a particular data set. Dashboards are a powerful resource that utilize several tools to help Admins gain efficiencies and work smarter.

  • Filters - Filters are a way to narrow down your data set based on parameters you choose.
  • Saved Filters - Admins can save filters and share them with their team
  • Clear Filters - Admins can return to their complete data set with the click of a button
  • Columns - Admins can select which columns they want to appear in their table
  • Download CSV - Admins can download a CSV of exactly what they're seeing in the on-screen table view
  • Search - Admins can search for a particular row in their table by typing in keywords
  • Batch Functionality - Admins can check the box next to each row and take action on items one at a time or in batch
  • Views - Most dashboards have one or more views to enable Admins to see the data set in different ways

Following are the dashboards (data sets) currently available in Via:

  1. Traveler Dashboard
  2. Event Dashboard
  3. Program Dashboard
  4. Application Dashboard
  5. Form Dashboard