What is the Application Dashboard?

 The Application Dashboard is where Admins can view, search, sort, filter, take action on, and generate standard or custom reports for application data. Click here to understand more about dashboards in general.


To access the Application Dashboard…

  1. Click Applications in the main navigation menu
  2. Select Application Dashboard in the dropdown

Within the Application Dashboard, there are 2 views:

  1. Traveler Applications
  2. Application Content

Other than Profile First Name, Profile Last Name and Profile Full Name, data visible in this dashboard derives from Traveler applications. As such, Admins may see “Not Provided” given that field was not filled out on the application or “Not Requested” given that field was not present on the application.

  • “Not Requested” – displayed if a field is not present on the application (template) created by an Admin
    • example: Traveler Matthew doesn’t see the passport number field on his application, so Admins see “Not Requested” for that field, if added as a column to the table view

Note: If an Admin ADDS a Traveler Info field AFTER a Traveler has started an Application, those newly added fields will still appear as Not Requested on the Application Dashboard - since technically those fields were Not Requested for that Traveler when that Traveler started that Application. Given the Traveler goes back and fills out those fields, the Traveler's answers will appear as expected on the Application Dashboard.

  • “Not Provided” – displayed if a Traveler has not added a response to the field on their application
    • example: Traveler Matthew didn’t input his major GPA onto his application yet, so Admins see “Not Provided” for that field, if added as a column to the table view

Traveler Applications

This view displays a table of all applications, one row per application. Other than Profile First Name, Profile Last Name and Profile Full Name, data fields visible in this dashboard derive from applications. Admins in this view can take the following batch actions:

  • Send Message
  • Standard Reports
  • Update Application Status
  • Add Forms
  • Event Invite

Via Favorite Filters to use in this view:

  • Term Timing - Upcoming, On-site, Past
  • Application Status
  • Internal/Authorized
  • Program Alternates + Alternate Priority


Pro Tip! When using the search bar, Via will search for columns that are currently in view. So if first name is not visible in the table, Via will not search that field.

The following columns are available to add or remove from view (*indicates the ability to filter):

  • Profile Name
  • Email
  • SSO/Non-SSO
  • Program Name*
  • Program Type*
  • Application Template*
  • Application Status*
  • Tracking Step*
  • Application Deadline*
  • Term Name*
  • Term Tags*
  • Term Timing*
  • Term Start Date*
  • Term End Date*
  • Term Status*
  • Locations*
  • Term Length (Days)
  • Term Length (Weeks)
  • Term Length (Months)
  • Decision Release*
  • Application Status Last Updated*
  • Application Submitted On*
  • Application Created On*
  • Internal / Authorized*
  • Organization Name
  • Internal Program Contact*
  • Internal Program Administrator*
  • Program Notes
  • # Alternates
  • Alternates*
  • Deferred On
  • Deferred Reason
  • Withdrawn On
  • Withdrawn Reason
  • Secondary Email
  • Student ID
  • Preferred First Name
  • Preferred Last Name
  • Pronouns
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Mobile / On-site Phone
  • Year in School*
  • Primary Major*
  • Secondary Major*
  • Primary Minor*
  • Secondary Minor*
  • Third Minor*
  • College or Faculty*
  • Countries of Citizenship*
  • Advisor
  • Cumulative GPA*
  • Major GPA*
  • Anticipated Graduation Year*
  • Honors Status*
  • Judicial Status
  • Hours Earned*
  • Traveler Type*
  • Residency Status*
  • Home Campus*
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Status*
  • Passport Issuing Agency
  • Passport Expiration Date
  • Place of Birth
  • Visa Status
  • Race*
  • Ethnicity*
  • Disability
  • Veteran Status
  • Current Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Emergency Contact First Name
  • Emergency Contact Last Name
  • Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Emergency Contact Email
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Emergency Contact Address
  • Secondary Emergency Contact First Name
  • Secondary Emergency Contact Last Name
  • Secondary Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Secondary Emergency Contact Email
  • Secondary Emergency Contact Phone
  • Secondary Emergency Contact Address
  • Pay for Program
  • Receives Financial Aid?*
  • Heard About Program

Application Content

After first selecting an application (template), this view displays a table of all Travelers with that particular application, one row per Traveler, program & term. Data visible in this view is inclusive of Traveler info fields and custom questions. Admins can search, add/remove columns from view, filter, create custom filters, share custom filters with their team, and generate custom reports.

Via Favorite Filters to use in this view:

The following filters are available (*indicates a filter required to display data):

  • Application Template*
  • Question Completed
  • Application Status
  • Application Deadline
  • Programme Name
  • Term Name
  • Tracking Step
  • Term Timing
  • Start Date Range
  • End Date Range
  • Date Application Submitted
  • Date Application Started
  • Status Last Updated
  • Internal Term Tag
  • Internal Term Tag 2
  • Alternate
  • Internal / Authorized
  • Program Country
  • Program City