What is Traveler Intake?


Traveler Intake is a series of questions that Travelers are prompted to answer when they first create their account, given their organization has Intake turned On in Organization Settings.

At this time, Traveler Intake is not customizable.

Via asks the following questions in Traveler Intake:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Traveler Type
  • Home Institution
  • Travel Goals/Motivations
  • Previous Travel Experience
  • Passport Status
  • Countries of Citizenship
  • Questions/Concerns
  • Financial Info
  • Financial Aid
  • Participation Certainty


All Traveler Intake data is stored in the traveler’s profile, either in TRAVELER INFO or in PROGRAM PREFERENCES. Travelers and admins can edit data in Traveler Info (unless the data are synced). Only Travelers can edit their program preferences.


Admins can opt to turn off Traveler Intake in Organization Settings.