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Are Single Sign On and Data Integrations right for my organization?

To create a seamless workflow for students and minimize administrative workload, Via offers Single Sign On and Data Integrations.
Single Sign On (SSO) enables admins and travelers one step login through your University portal. One login minimizes forgotten passwords and eliminates a multi-step account creation. Students and admins simply login through the same University portal used for other campus approved applications. By setting up SSO, your IT department maintains control of authentication, creating the most secure login environment. 
Data integration with your Student Information System (SIS) ensures that all student data are up to date and consistent. Syncing data from your organization's SIS guarantees a single source of truth for all student data, hence eliminating data entry errors. Syncing data also helps students quickly move through the enrollment process because their data fields will be pre-populated. When integrated with your SIS, admins can filter by most Traveler Info fields for many use cases such as marketing to specific majors or demographics, communicating to a sub-set of your travelers and much more. In sum, data integration keeps your data clean, consistent and up to date for marketing, enrollment workflows and reporting.
Payment integrations with your organization's payment system are another tool to minimize data entry errors, decrease workload and ensure consistency across different platforms. Via can connect to your payment system such that a student can make a payment and Via will post confirmation of that payment in Via. Admins no longer need to access different systems to check payment status, rather they have visibility into payment statuses within theVia enrollment management platform.