What is a Traveler Form?

A Traveler Form is a questionnaire that a Traveler fills out when they apply to an internal or authorized program. Traveler forms are created from General Forms (templates) and could contain a variety of custom questions and Traveler info fields. All Traveler General Forms have a Form status of either Not Started, Started, Submitted or Accepted.

A Traveler Form can be found in 2 different locations in Via Global:

  1. On the Traveler's Profile Program Details Page 
  2. On the Form dashboard

A Traveler is given access to General Forms when an Admin adds a General Form to a Traveler's profile, an Admin updates a Traveler's application to a form triggering status, or creates an Automation to meet institutional needs. Admins can either trigger forms to travelers by any of these methods below:

  1. Add General Forms to a Traveler's profile

  2. An admin updates a traveler application to Nominated, Conditionally Approved, Approved or Committed. Updating an application to any of these statuses will automatically release any General Forms (templates) saved within an internal term or suitcase to the traveler.

  3. An admin can trigger forms using automations at the appropriate time during the application journey based on an institution's unique process

Via allows admins to decide and easily customize when travelers receive forms to fill out. The timing of when and how a traveler receives a form is based on institutional preference and process-related needs! Here are some examples that coincide with the methods described above...

  1. When a traveler is under 18 years old, an admin will add a 'minors form' to an individual traveler.
  2. Travelers are required to complete all forms after they have committed to their program. Once an admin updates an application status to Accepted, the traveler can now commit to their program. Once the traveler Commits, Via will release all General Forms saved within the internal term or suitcase. Travelers can now begin to fill out and submit their forms. 
  3. In order for travelers to be fully accepted to a faculty-led program, they must first pay a deposit. As an admin, I can set up an automation where if an application status updates to Conditionally Accepted and the Program Type is Faculty-Led, I want my traveler to receive a deposit form to complete by April 1st.


To learn more about adding forms to travelers, click here.

To learn more about using Automations to trigger forms to travelers throughout the application journey, click here.


To access a Traveler’s form from the Traveler's Profile...

  1. Click the Traveler’s name or email from any dashboard
  2. Click Traveler Programs*
  3. Click View Details on the desired program tile
  4. Click the Form name or View/Edit on the desired Traveler Form under My Forms

* Please note that in the Traveler's own view of their Profile, their tab is called 'My Programs' instead of 'Traveler Programs'

Also note that if your campus uses a custom alias for the word 'Traveler' that word will display in the Admin view (i.e., Student Forms). For more info on creating custom aliases, click here.

To access a Traveler’s Form from the Form Dashboard...

  1. Click Forms in the main navigation menu
  2. Search or filter for the desired form
  3. Click the General Form (template) name

Links to forms from all travelers can be found in the Form Dashboard.