What is an internal program?

An internal program, one of the two different kinds of programs in Via Global, is a Program Brochure created by an admin within an organization’s Via Global account. Some examples of internal programs that an organization can create in their Via Global are:

  • Faculty-led programs
  • Bilateral exchanges
  • Provider programs that require specific instructions unique to the student body
  • Provider programs where admins would prefer having full editing access
  • Faculty program proposals
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships

All internal programs are found by clicking the Internal view of the Program Dashboard, while internal program terms are found by clicking the Internal Terms view of the Program Dashboard.

To create a new program, click + Create Program from the Internal view of the Program Dashboard. Once a program is created, it can be named and program content can be added. 

All new programs are created as Drafts. Once the program’s content has been solidified and all required fields are filled out, admins can publish the program to make it available for Travelers and Visitors to see in their view of the program dashboard. At any time, Admins can edit a published program, at which point, all edits will be automatically visible to Travelers, Admins, and Visitors on the brochure. To learn more about program 'states,' like Draft, Published, Unpublished, and Archived, click here!