How do I restrict Travelers from withdrawing applications?

The Request to Withdraw feature can save Administrators time trying to track down when Travelers have withdrawn and their reasons for withdrawal by preventing Travelers from self-withdrawing after they have achieved a certain application status

Travelers that are restricted from withdrawing have the ability to send a Request to Withdraw notification to their Program Contact and/or designated Administrators -  in a friendly, intuitive manner, of course!

Here's how it works:

Admins with permission will designate when they want a Request to Withdraw option to appear to Travelers, instead of an option to Withdraw. This is done by selecting certain application statuses for which they want the Request to Withdraw workflow to appear to Travelers. Additionally, Admins can add custom language that will appear to their Travelers as part of the Request to Withdraw process.

When a Traveler requests to withdraw from a program, they will be instructed to provide a (required) reason for withdrawal. A Request to Withdraw notification will be sent to the Program Contact for internal programs and to the Organization's Default Message Recipient/s for authorized programs. To check out how this looks from a Traveler's point of view, click here.

The Admin has the option to decline the request and leave the application status as is or approve the request and change the application status to Withdrawn. In either case, the Traveler will receive an email notification of the decision. For a deeper dive on how to respond to a Request to Withdraw, click here.


To restrict Travelers from withdrawing themselves from a program term...

  1. Go to Organization Settings by clicking the photo/silhouette in the upper right corner and clicking Settings
  2. Scroll down to Organization Settings
  3. Check the box next to 'Show Travelers Request to Withdraw for the following application statuses...'
  4. Select the application statuses for which you do not want Travelers to withdraw themselves. Note if you never want Travelers to self-withdraw, add all application statuses here.
  5. If desired, modify the language that will appear to Travelers when they Request to Withdraw
  6. Click Save