What is Program Match?

Via TRM is the first organization to create a guided experience where travelers can receive program matches based on personal preferences and priorities. Program Match is Via TRM's proprietary matching engine, designed to help travelers find the program options that best meet their needs. Travelers are prompted to answer questions about their program preferences upon first logging in to Via. At this time, Program Match questions are not customizable.

Below is the list of questions asked during Program Match:

  • Program Type
  • Program Length
  • Program Terms
  • Language Immersion
  • Program Country
  • Program Housing
  • Subject Areas
  • Priorities

If a traveler answers all questions in Program Match, Via Global’s proprietary algorithm provides a match percentage for all programs available within the organization’s program portfolio. The algorithm takes into account the strength of the match and the priority the traveler places on each preference.  


All Program Matching data is stored in the Traveler’s profile, specifically the PROGRAM PREFERENCES tab, and is visible to both Admins & the Traveler. Travelers can edit their responses by clicking EDIT PREFERENCES from their PROGRAM PREFERENCES tab or by clicking Take the Program Match Quiz in the program dashboard. Admins cannot edit a Traveler's program preferences.


Admins can opt to turn off Program Match in Organization Settings.