What is a Traveler Application?

A Traveler Application is a questionnaire that a Traveler fills out when they apply to an internal or authorized program. Traveler applications are created from Applications (templates) and could contain a variety of custom questions and traveler info fields. Traveler applications always have a Tracking Step that is automatically associated with the application. Traveler applications could have program alternates associated with them, given the Admin requested alternates and the Traveler provided them.


A Traveler Application can be found in 2 different locations in Via Global:

  1. On the Traveler Profile under Traveler Programs
  2. On the Application dashboard

To access a Traveler’s Application from the Traveler's profile...

  1. Click the traveler’s name or email from any dashboard
  2. Click the Traveler Programs tab
  3. Click the desired application by clicking View Details on the desired program
  4. Click View under My Applications

To access a Traveler’s Application from the Application Dashboard...

  1. Click Applications in the main navigation menu
  2. Search or filter for the desired application
  3. Click the Application name


Links to all Traveler Applications can be accessed in the Application Dashboard.