How do I add a Recommendation Form to a General Form or Application?

Admins can customize a Recommendation Form and add it to any other Application or General Form. It's like adding a Form within a Form! It gives Admins the ability to utilize all of the features and functionality of Forms for Recommendations - including most question types, the ability to rearrange questions using drag and drop functionality and more! For more information on how to create a Recommendation Form, click here.

To add a Recommendation Form to a General Form or Application...

  1. Click Builder in the main navigation
  2. Click General Forms or Applications
  3. Click the name of the desired General Form or Application
  4. Click the Recommendation question type
  5. Type in a label
  6. Type in instructions for applicant
  7. Type in instructions for recommender
  8. Select a Recommendation* to send from the drop down menu
  9. Designate the Recommendation question required or not required (A required Recommendation question means that the Application or General Form cannot be submitted by a Traveler unless the Traveler has added the email address of their Recommender)
  10. Click Add to Form
  11. The Question will appear below the last header, paragraph or section on the Application or General Form
  12. To move the Question, click it. When it turns green, drag and drop it where desired
  13. To edit the Question, click it. Edit the text on the left panel and click Save
  14. To delete the Question, click it. Click the Trash Can Icon. Type DELETE. Click Delete
  15. Click Next to preview Form
  16. Click Save
  17. Click Back to All Forms to return to the list of all forms

*Recommendation options will include all published Recommendation Forms in your account. Options will also include a Default Recommendation. A Default Recommendation will request First Name, Last Name and Title from your recommender. A Default Recommendation will require that the recommender type their recommendation in the box provided and/or upload a document in order to submit the recommendation.