How do I remove General Forms from Travelers?

An Admin with permission can remove a General Form or Forms from Travelers by removing the Form or Forms from Program Settings. Click here for instructions on how to delete a specific Traveler's General Form.

This action will immediately remove the FORM/S from ALL TRAVELERS for this particular program term past, present and future.

To remove Forms from program settings...

  1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu
  2. Find the desired program
  3. Click the Settings Wheel next to the desired program
  4. In the desired term 'row' in settings, click the X next to the form you want to remove


The following instructions are a guide to help Admins to remove one or more forms from an individual Traveler. Removing forms (aka Deleting Traveler Forms) is an action that cannot be undone.

To remove form/s from an individual Traveler...

  1. Open the Traveler form
    1. Either click on the name of the Form in the Form Dashboard OR
    2. Click on the Traveler name in any dashboard, then click Traveler Programs, View Details on the desired program tile, and then, under My Forms, click the name of the form or view/edit 
  2. In the Administrative Review panel on the right, click Actions and select Delete General Form
  3. Type DELETE
  4. Click Delete
  5. Deleted forms cannot be retrieved