How do I edit the Traveler content of a Custom Field?

Custom Fields are initially created by Admins with permission in Settings. Once custom fields are created, admins can choose to make them public, private, or archived. The experience of filling in the custom field may vary for admins and travelers based on the custom field's visibility. 


For more information about adding Public Custom Fields to application templates, see this article. For more information about adding Public Custom Fields to form templates, see this article.

The three visibility options for custom fields are...

  1. Private Custom Fields are only visible to administrators. Admins are the only users that can save data for it. Private custom fields are not visible to the traveler.

  2. Public Custom fields can be seen by admins and travelers within the traveler profile. Both users can view and save data for the custom field. Admins can also add a public custom field to an application or form template. If the traveler saves data for a custom field on a traveler application or form, that data will also be saved within the Traveler profile. 

  3. Archived Custom Fields will not appear to the admin or traveler within their profile. 
    Admins can filter and report on this data within the traveler dashboard. If this custom field is added to an application and form, the content data will be available in the relevant dashboard.


As an admin, you can edit the Traveler content for a Custom Field one at a time from the Traveler Profile Traveler Info tab or in batch from the Traveler Dashboard.


To update Custom Field content one at a time from the Traveler Info tab...

*Admins can navigate to a Traveler profile by clicking the Traveler name or email from the following dashboards: Travelers, Applications, Forms, Event Participants

  1. Click Travelers in the main navigation menu*
  2. Search or filter for the desired traveler
  3. Click the traveler’s name or email
  4. Click the TRAVELER INFO tab
  5. Scroll to the desired Custom Field
  6. Type in desired content
  7. Click Save


To update Custom Field content in batch from the Traveler Dashboard...

  1. Click Travelers in the main navigation menu
  2. Check the box next to the desired Traveler(s) to select them
  3. Click Actions
  4. Click Update Custom Field from the dropdown
  5. Select the desired custom field from the dropdown
  6. Type in the desired custom field content
  7. Click Update