How do I download a shareable PDF of a Risk Alert?

Via Risk Alerts provide Admins with detailed 24/7 real-time alerts on a variety of incidents reported globally. As a valuable supplement to your organization's risk management process, Via allows administrators to download all alert information displayed as PDFs. This feature allows for the seamless sharing of critical information with individuals both internally and externally. After downloading Risk Alerts, admins can share them through your preferred email method!

When a Risk Alert is downloaded, the information included in the PDF document will be:

  • A summary of the reported incident
  • How long ago the incident took place 
  • A location snapshot of where the incident took place
  • The contact information for local emergency services
  • A list of expected impacted Travelers along with their current check-in status, phone number, planned location, and whether their travel is associated with a program in Via Global.  For more info on associating a Via Travel Plan with a Via Global Program, click here.

To download a Risk Alert as a PDF...

  1. Go to a specific Alert page by either clicking on the exclamation point icon on the top right corner of your screen (you'll notice it in red) and then clicking on the desired Risk Alert
  2. OR by clicking on the exclamation point icon and clicking View All and then clicking on the desired Risk Alert
  3. OR by clicking Reports in the main navigation menu, clicking Risk Alerts and then clicking on the name of the Alert Headline for a specific Risk Alert
  4. From the specific Alert page, click Download PDF
  5. Share the PDF as desired