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How do I do a Manual Data Request to sync student data from my student information system?

The following instructions are only available for accounts where Via has been configured with a custom data integration from your student information system (SIS). If you do not have a data sync set up from your campus, you will not see the workflow outlined below in your Via account.

Typically, when Admins reach out to let us know 'student data are not syncing,' there are a few questions that are helpful in diagnosing the source of the break in the integration chain.

SIS Data Integration Questions to Consider:

  • Did the student without synced data login with a campus email?
    • If no, reach out to support@via-trm.com and request that the email address on the student's account be changed in Via. Please provide the current email address and the desired new email address in your request.
    • If yes, skip to the question below
  • Did the student login through SSO? You can check this by adding the SSO/Non-SSO column to your Traveler dashboard to see how the student logged in
    • If no, ask the student to login using your portal
    • If yes, skip to the question below
  • Does this student have two accounts in Via with campus emails - one showing SSO and the other showing Non-SSO?
      • If no, skip to the instructions below
      • If yes, reach out to support@via-trm.com to help sort out which email address should be the 'syncing' email address. Support will assist you in ensuring there is only one account per student.
  • Once you confirm the above, if you are still not seeing synced student data on the student's profile, follow the steps below:
    1. Click the Traveler's name or email address from any dashboard to open their profile
    2. Click the Actions dropdown in the upper right corner and select Manual Data Request
    3. You will see a green confirmation pop up that says 'SIS data requested'
    4. Depending on the timing of your integration set up by your IT department, the data can take up to an hour to appear, sometimes longer. If you do not see data after 24 hours, please reach out to support@via-trm.com

    Other Data Sync FAQ's:

    • Do you see synced data on the student profile, but not on the application dashboard?
      • If yes, open the application and click Save. After refreshing the application, the data should appear on the application dashboard.
    • Do you see synced data on the student profile, but not on the application itself?
      • If yes, check the application status. Not all application statuses continue to pull synced data from the traveler profile. For a deeper dive on which application status sync and which do not, click here.