How do I add Travelers to a Group Travel Plan?

Once a Group Plan is created, Travelers can be added to it. There are three ways travelers can be associated with a plan:

  1. Admins add Travelers
  2. Travelers join the Plan
  3. Travelers with a Via Global application status of Committed are automatically added to Plan, given that plan is associated with the Via Global program.

To add one or more Travelers to a Plan… 

  1. Click Via Travel in the main navigation menu
  2. You will land on the Plans view
  3. Click Plan name of desired solo plan
  4. Click the WHO’S GOING tab in the left navigation menu
  5. Click + Add Travelers To Plan
  6. To add one Traveler
    1. Click Add a Single Traveler
    2. Type the Traveler’s first name, last name & email
    3. Click Add
  7. To add more than one Traveler
    1. Click Download Batch Template (do not change the default column headers on the CSV! if you do, the batch function won’t work)
    2. Remove our Jane and John Doe examples from the template
    3. Add Travelers, including first name, last name, and a valid email address
    4. Save the CSV file
    5. Back in Via Travel, upload your CSV by selecting the saved file from your computer or dragging and dropping it into the window
    6. Click Upload