How do I add a link to Via TRM from my website?

Our Humble Disclaimer:

The recommendations in this guide are the opinions of Via TRM. They are yours to take or to leave! Have fun, try something new, measure, tweak, and try again.

We work with international educators across the USA and internationally. These opinions are based on Via TRM client feedback, direct user research and testing with students and staff, and best practices within the design and development community.

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Help your students start their journey

Make it easy for students to explore, learn, apply, or connect within the first 5 seconds of visiting your study abroad website - by clearly linking to your Via TRM system! Students who cannot easily see where to go and what to do next are more likely to leave your site and not return.

Use this guide to link your Via TRM registration page to your website to engage every would-be traveler, from "Just Curious" to the "Ready to Apply" student!

*A note that every client's Via TRM login page is a custom URL. Please connect with your Client Success contact if you are not sure what your URL is.

Included here:

  • What are "Calls to Action"?
  • Linking Via TRM to your Homepage
  • Linking Via TRM to your Program Search page

More about Calls to Action (CTA's)

A CTA is a "Call to Action" in the form of a link or button that takes the user to the next step.

Every page on your website is like an intersection, and your homepage is the busiest of all! Traffic is coming and going in all directions. CTA's are the traffic signs, directing people where to go and letting them know what they can expect.

A clear call to action accomplishes two things: it correctly directs the user to exactly where they wanted to go and also accurately portrays what they can expect on the other side. A confusing call to action leads a user down an unexpected path and is considered a "bad user experience".

Bad user experiences are mostly avoidable with the slightest of tweaks and buttoning up (pun intended!) your CTA's is a great place to start.


Recommended CTA's for a Home Page:

  • "Get Started"
  • "Start Your Adventure"
  • "Sign Up"
  • "Create Your Account"

Here is sample copy that could encourage a student to get started after they click 'Study Abroad':



Now, it's your turn. Create your account, build your profile, and get matched to your university-approved programs at any time.

<<Explore Programs>> (Insert link to Your Institution's Via TRM sign up page)


Ready to apply now? Attend a mandatory (and also helpful and fun!) Study Abroad Information Session every Friday at 2:15 pm. Be sure to show up on time because there's a lot to cover!

<<RSVP for Event>> (Insert link to Register for Event through Via TRM)

*A note that every client's Via TRM login page is a custom URL. Please reach out to if you are not sure what your URL is.

Recommended Primary CTA: "Get Matched"

If you have a page on your website that provides information about programs to students, we suggest having a button with the CTA "Get Matched" so that they can log into Via TRM to see a list of options.

A student visiting your program search page has already clicked at least once to arrive here. He or she is either ready to explore or ready to make a quick search to find the program he or she wants to apply to. Make sure you have a path for both users!

Sample Copy:

Not sure which program is right for you? Create your account and get matched to a program in 5 minutes!

List Programs and Link to Sharable Via TRM Program Brochures

Another option is to add images for select programs, and then link the images to the Visitor Program URLs (click to learn more about Visitor Program views)

Check out this example from SUNY Oneonta for a visual of how they created images for programs, and then linked the images to the Program Brochures.

suny sample