How do I create Custom Reports in Via Global?

Reporting is the process of exporting data from a data source. In Via Global, Admins can generate reports for the following:

  • Travelers
  • Events
  • Programs
  • Applications
  • Forms

Reports can be generated onto either custom reports or from standard report templates. Custom reports are those that have been customized by an Admin. To do this, an Admin first selects what’s visible in a table view by adding or removing columns, sorting, and applying desired filters. Then, Admins can download a CSV of all visible data. It's as simple as 'what you see is what you get!'

It is highly recommended that you use custom reports for the most intuitive, flexible, reporting. 

Standard report templates are those that have been pre-fabricated by Via to export specific data sets in predetermined formats and cannot be customized. Click here to learn more about standard report templates.

Custom reports

Custom reports can be generated from 6 dashboards in Via Global: 

  1. Traveler dashboard
  2. Program dashboard
  3. Application dashboard
  4. Form dashboard
  5. Event dashboard
  6. Report dashboard

To generate a custom report…

  1. Head to the desired dashboard
  2. Search, sort, and/or remove columns, and/or filter for the desired content
  3. Click the cloud icon with the downward arrow to download a CSV of all data visible on your screen