What is Via Connects and is it right for my organization?

Via Connects

Via Connects is an opportunity for providers to capture interest from highly engaged students who are exploring and applying to their program(s) and immediately follow-up with targeted messaging.
Here’s how it works:
  • A connect is a traveler touchpoint based on when a traveler favorites your program, starts a home campus approval for your program, asks a question about your specific program or request to learn more about your program
  • A connect comes directly through your trusted university partners
  • A connect has arrived at your program brochure from any of the following of these methods:
    • Direct invitation from a study abroad advisor or faculty member
    • Sign up through their home campus study abroad website
    • Referral from a friend
    • Attendance at a study abroad event
  • By the time a Via Connect hits your inbox, they have created a Via Global account with their home campus, completed 30+ data points, and matched to your specific program(s) as a recommended option
  • A connect must opt-in to ask a question about, request more information for, or apply to one of your programs before you are ever informed they are a connect
  • After the connect has done one of the following, Via Connects admins receive contact information for the student(s)
    • Favorite your program
    • Start an application for your program
    • Click Have a Question and send a message directly about your program
    • Click to Learn More about your program, given there are no future terms available

Want to learn more about connecting with 100% qualified Via Connects today? Contact info@via-trm.com for pricing information (packages vary).