What account mailers are sent to Travelers?

Account mailers are sent when users are invited to create an account, when an account is set up and to re-set a user's password. Listed below are the 3 different account mailers sent to Travelers. 

  1. Traveler invitation
  2. Traveler account confirmation (sent to travelers)
  3. Forgot password

Traveler invitation

Any Traveler invited by an Admin, either individually or in batch, receives an email informing them of the invitation and encouraging them to get started.  


Via Invite

Traveler account confirmation

Any Traveler who creates a new account receives an email confirming the account creation and asking if they’re ready to adventure on and log in.


Traveler sign up confirmation

Forgot password

Any time a user, who already has a Via account, clicks Forgot Password? on their organization’s sign in page, they receive an email confirming the request and urging them to reset their password. 


Password reset