Riskline Disclaimers

Via TRM has partnered with a third-party service, Riskline, to provide you with travel advisories. Via TRM does not review or otherwise verify the information provided by Riskline, and you should rely on this information at your own risk.


You agree to respect all safety alerts and instructions, take all relevant precautions, and comply with general rules on safety. Nothing in the content or the service is intended to replace your own risk assessment, common sense, or general principles on good safety and personal security. You further acknowledge and agree that even though there may not be any active reports for an area, it does not mean that the area is safe. General safety should always be a concern.


Via TRM and Riskline are not liable for any information which is available via and/or integrated with the Via TRM and Riskline Products. Consequently, Via TRM and Riskline cannot be held liable for the correctness, completeness, quality, lawfulness and reliability of the information or for the results which are achieved by means of such information.


The Via TRM and Riskline Products constitute tools to be used for and support risk management and risk assessment. Via TRM and Riskline do not warrant that all information and updates are complete, timely, adequate and error free. Users should always evaluate output and data from the service on an individual basis. Via TRM and Riskline aim to reduce risk for the users but shall in no way be responsible for the safety and security of the users. Via TRM and Riskline assume no liability for losses, bodily injury or death of users.


For more information on Riskline and its sources, click here.