How do recommendations work?

What is the recommendation workflow

Recommendations are a great feature in Via that can be used to streamline your recommendation requests and responses - and keep all of that information in one place!

Once a traveler sends a recommendation request, the recommender receives an email letting them know they have a recommendation to complete. Recommenders do not need to login to Via - or have an account in Via - to complete a recommendation. Once the recommender completes and submits the recommendation, the traveler receives an email letting them know their recommendation has been submitted by the recommender.

Travelers can see the submitted date and time on their application or form, but they cannot see the recommendation content. Admins see the submitted date and time and the recommendation content.


Admins also have the option of using tokens to include specific traveler, program, and application data as part of instructions sent to the recommender. The recommender will be able to view the relevant data on recommendation mailers and instructions within the recommendation form. 

Tokens use find and replace logic where Via will find and replace data that pertains to the individual traveler. For example, when using the token option for Application Deadline, Via will find the relevant program's application deadline and replace it with the Traveler's application deadline.

Tokens available to include as part of recommendation instructions are...

  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Email 
  • Application Deadline 
  • GPA - Cumulative 
  • Major - Primary
  • Minor - Primary
  • Program Name 
  • Student ID
  • Term Name


Check out the walk-through below to see the process step by step!