How do I view specific SafeCheck Messages?

Specific SafeCheck message

In addition to being able to see all SafeCheck messages in the SafeCheck dashboard, admins can see the particulars of a specific SafeCheck message. Following the instructions below, Admins can view a selected SafeCheck message sent to a particular audience at a particular date and time in a table view. The table is editable to allow admins to include columns they want to view and/or export.

To access a specific SafeCheck message…

  1. Click Via Travel in the main navigation menu
  2. Click SafeCheck in the sub navigation menu
  3. Click the message name of the desired SafeCheck message

Within a specific SafeCheck message, admins can admins can locate, view, search, sort, filter, and generate custom reports of the SafeCheck message.

The following columns are available to add or remove from view (*indicates the ability to filter):

  • Traveler Name
  • Email
  • Traveler Phone
  • SafeCheck Phone
  • SafeCheck Status*
  • Plan Name*
  • Sent*
  • Responded*
  • Responded On
  • Response*
  • Comment
  • Allowed Geolocation
  • Last GPS Location
  • Email Sent
  • Resend Message