How do I view my Via Travel Plans?

The Plan view is a location in Via Travel where admins can locate, view, search, sort, filter, and generate custom reports of plans. From this view, admins can also take batch action on Plans and create Group Plans. Admins can click on the name of any Plan to hyperlink to that specific Plan.

To access the Plan view…

  1. Click Via Travel in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Plans in the sub navigation menu

The following batch actions are available from the Plans view:

  • Update Registration Status
  • Update Plan Status

The following columns are available to add or remove from view (*indicates the ability to filter):

  • Travel Type*
  • Plan Name*
  • Location*
  • Continent*
  • Travelers*
  • Availability*
  • Timing*
  • Plan Status*
  • Registration Status*
  • Type*
  • Plan Start Date*
  • Plan End Date*
  • Associated Program*