How do I report on Events?

Admins can generate reports on events from either the Event Dashboard or within an individual event brochure. Click here to learn more about Events.

Event reporting can be used to:

  • Track registration & attendance as two measures of success of event marketing & outreach to Travelers 
  • Serve up the report to your provost/s or upper management to make a case for why your event budget is important!
  • Track required attendance at pre-departure orientation

Event Dashboard

Admins can generate custom reports of event data from either the Events view or the Participants view. Click here to learn more about custom reports.

To generate a custom report…

  1. Click Events in the main navigation menu
  2. Head to the desired view (Events or Participants)
  3. Search, sort, and/or filter for the desired content
  4. Click the cloud icon with the downward arrow to download a CSV of all data visible on your screen

NOTE: This method of reporting is recommended for ease of use and reporting flexibility.

Individual event brochure

Admins can also generate an event roster of a specific event from within the Event Brochure.

To generate a report…

  1. Click Events in the main navigation menu
  2. Click on the Event Name
  3. Click VIEW
  5. Open the downloaded CSV