How do I register my Solo Travel Plan?

Creating a Solo Travel Plan is a Traveler's way of letting the organization know that they're going somewhere. Solo Plans can include basic information, like a location + travel start date and end date or incredibly detailed information like flight, housing and activity details. To create a Solo Plan, a user must be logged in as a Traveler. For information on how an Administrator can toggle to their Traveler view, click here.

To create a Solo Plan…

  1. Login as a Traveler
  2. Click Via Travel in the main navigation menu
  3. You will land on the My Travel view
  4. Click + Create New Plan
  5. At a minimum, fill out all required fields
  6. Click Save New Plan
  7. Once saved, you can either keeping going to build your itinerary or go to view your plan

To build your itinerary...

  1. Complete steps 1-6 above and click Keep Going! Build My Itinerary
  2. Click + Add Detail
  3. Click Transportation, Housing, or Activity
  4. Click Continue
  5. Fill out required information and any additional info, as desired
  6. Click Add