As a provider, how do I create programs and make programs available to other organizations?

It’s easy to create Program Brochures to make available to your partners & their students! After programs have been published, simply keep them up to date by ALWAYS adding new future terms so that Travelers can successfully apply. All updates made to your published programs will be immediately reflected to your partners & their students.

Always add NEW TERMS each year/semester/season rather than updating past terms! Editing the dates of PAST terms will negatively impact your partner’s historic traveler data!

Via recommends adding robust content to your programs - particularly in required fields - to ensure the best Program Match experience for Travelers.

To create a new program…

  1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu
  2. Click + Create Program
  3. Complete all required content fields (* indicates required field for ideal program matching with Via’s proprietary Program Matching engine that matches travelers to best-fit programs)
    1. Program Name*
    2. Program Type(s)*
    3. Language Immersion*
    4. Instructional Language(s)*
    5. Program Country/Countries*
    6. Program City/Cities*
    7. Housing Type(s)*
    8. Subject Areas*
    9. Program Contact*
  4. Complete other non-required fields, as desired
  5. When ready to allow authorization by other institutions...
    1. Change Program State to Published
    2. Toggle Allow Authorization by Other Institutions to On

Helpful hints on the Program Amenities section:

  1. Check the box next to a section or individual amenity and click Add to Brochure for the amenity to appear on the brochure
  2. Click the green check mark to add a strike-through to the amenity - indicating to the traveler that this amenity is not included on the program
  3. Click the red 'not' icon to remove the strike-through - indicating to the traveler that this amenity is included on the program



Via  recommends carefully crafting content in the Eligibility section. This information appears on the program brochure and also appears to students as soon as they click Apply Now and before they create a new application. So it's prime real estate to communicate messages to students about the program!


To update a program with new content...

  1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu
  2. Search or filter for the desired program
  3. Click on the desired Program Name 
  4. To update program content:
    1. Click Edit Program at the top of the brochure
    2. Add new or update pre-existing content and/or remove unwanted information
    3. Click Save
  5. Preview is always accessible after saving to view your handiwork!


To add future terms in batch...

Via recommends 'showing' the Term Name and Term Dates columns in your table when adding new program terms in batch in order to see terms that have already been added to your programs. This will help avoid creating duplicative terms erroneously. Admins can show/hide columns on the program dashboard by clicking the three vertical line icon in the top right corner of the program data table and showing/hiding columns as desired.

1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu

2. You will land in the Internal view

3. Check the box next to the desired program/s

4. Click the Actions drop down menu and select Add Term

5. Fill out the required and desired fields

6. Click Add Term

7. Read pop up message and click Add Term again to confirm


To add future terms on program at a time...

  1. Click Program Settings
  2. Click External URL at the top of the page to paste the desired application URL into the field (this will allow students to easily access your application from their home campus’ Via Global account!)
  3. Click + ADD TRAVEL TERM add a future start & end date* 
  4. Click the Show Exact Dates slider to set it to teal (this will allow for accurate tracking & reporting for your partners)
  5. Click SAVE


Helpful hints

  • Always add new terms rather than updating past terms as changing the dates of past terms will negatively impact your partner’s historic traveler data
  • If a program brochure is neither Published nor Authorizable, partner organizations will not be able to offer your program to their students
  • If a program brochure is marked Private, it can only be viewed by sharing the Direct Program Link
  • A program contact is an admin designated as the recipient of program-specific email notifications from your partners’ Travelers; only one program contact can be selected per program
  • Organizations who do not use Via Global for application management cannot add application templates, form templates, or deadlines
  • Emails sent to freemium providers do not include Traveler information (first/last name and email address). Interested in capturing that information from highly engaged students? Learn more about Via Leads!


Want to list your organization’s programs for free in Via? Contact for more information!