How do I get support from Via?

Help and support from Via TRM can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Helpbot when logged in toVia
  • Client Support Team

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base, affectionately referred to as the “knolly,” is Via TRM’s collection of helpful, self-serve articles, which you are looking at this very moment! Clients can access the knolly while logged into their Via account.

To access the knolly in Via

  1. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of any screen
  2. Type a keyword in the search bar or click the desired category name
  3. Click the desired article name to preview its contents

Client Support Team

The Via TRM team dedicated to answering questions, fielding issues, and capturing much-appreciated Client feedback. Included in all licenses is unlimited email support through The Client Support team can be accessed in 2 different ways:

  1. If you’re currently signed into your Via account, 
    1. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of any screen
    2. Click Contact
    3. Type in your email, a subject, a question and any/all relevant screenshots or screencasts
    4. Click SEND
  2. If you’re not currently signed into your account, you can email us directly at 

No matter which route you take, you can expect a quick response from our knowledgable, people-friendly team members!

When writing into support…  

Keep in mind that because specialized software (like the Via TRM products), is built for an entire industry and not a specific Client, it’s common for the software to work differently than expected. If you’re not sure if what you are experiencing is a wish list item, an enhancement, or a bug / issue, send us an email at and we’ll confirm next steps. 

  • Wish list item – something that is not a current feature in our software but would be nice to have to better meet the needs of our Clients, and can be documented with context to be discussed as a possible item to consider adding to our product roadmap
  • Enhancement – something that is functioning as designed but isn’t working intuitively, and can be discussed as a possible item to consider changing/updating
  • Bug / issue – something broken in the system, isn’t functioning as designed, and should be fixed