How do I find and copy an embed link from a spreadsheet application?

Howdy! Please note that an embed link is different that copying and pasting a URL! An embed link will allow you to 'show' the spreadsheet you've created in a different source. When changes are needed, the editing of the spreadsheet will occur in your source document. 

Read on for more info on how to get the embed link 🤓

Admins with permission can add budget spreadsheets to program terms by embedding a link from a standard web-based spreadsheet application like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. In order to paste a proper link into program settings or the add term batch action, Admins must first obtain the link from the spreadsheet application they use. 

I'll admit that some of the instructions below will prompt you to do the techiest workflows ever presented by Via. I'm proud to say that these workflows are NOT created by Via! :) Rather, to get the proper embed code, some software providers make you jump through a lotta hoops! We're here to support you through their processes as best we can.

Below we've sourced some help documents from some standard spreadsheet applications in order to help you find and copy a proper link. These support documents are your best bet for the most up-to-date information directly from the spreadsheet company. That said, we've also included some instructions from our own experience copying and sharing public URL's as of March 2023. 


Please note that while we are spreadsheet lovers, we do not consider ourselves spreadsheet gurus. The information below is provided to assist you in working with whatever spreadsheet/s you use in your office. For the best customer support regarding your spreadsheets, our support team is happy to give it a go to assist, but we ultimately suggest that you contact support at the organization that created your spreadsheet software. 


Click for assistance with the following software products:

Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel Business

Microsoft Excel Personal


TIP: Via recommends bookmarking your spreadsheets for easy access later. Embedded URL's are the public 'view' links of your spreadsheet and will not lead you back to your spreadsheet to edit it.

Google Sheets

How to copy an embed link from Google Sheets...

  1. Open spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  2. Click FileShare > Publish to Web
  3. Click Link
  4. Either keep the Entire Document selected or select the single Worksheet (tab) you want to display (make sure Web Page is selected)
  5. Copy the link provided
  6. Embed the link into your Via Program Term


Microsoft Excel for Business (OneDrive or SharePoint)

How to copy an embed link from the business version of Microsoft Excel on OneDrive or SharePoint...

  1. Open spreadsheet in Excel in OneDrive or SharePoint
  2. Click the Share and then select Share
  3. Click Anyone with the link can edit
  4. Update Can Edit or Can View as desired
  5. Block Download if desired by toggle Block Download to On
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click Copy
  8. Copy link
  9. IMPORTANT: Paste the link in a word document or somewhere where you can view the entire link.
  10. Add the following EXACTLY to the end of your link: &action=embedview&wdbipreview=true
  11. So your link will go FROM a TO b:
  12. Embed the link into your Via Program Term

Microsoft Excel OneDrive Personal

Microsoft Excel OneDrive Personal Support Link:


How to copy an embed link from the personal version of Microsoft Excel on OneDrive or SharePoint...

  1. Open OneDrive for personal use
  2. Open your desired file
  3. Click File > Share > Embed
  4. Customize your options
  5. Copy the embed code and paste it into a notes app or document app so that you can edit it
  6. Remove everything in bold and italicized in the example below. Your data will be different but essentially you can to remove what precedes https (including the quotation mark) and everything from the last quotation mark to the end of the link
    1. Example embed code from Excel
      1. From this: <iframe width="292" height="346" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe> 
      2. Only use this:
  7. Embed the link into your Via Program Term


How to Paste the Link You've Copied

To paste the embed link in Program Settings...

  2. Paste the URL under Public URL
  3. Add other cost info, if desired
  4. Click Add to Term
  5. Click the Eye Icon to preview
  6. Click Save on Program Settings