How do I ensure that travelers see Student Universe travel discounts?

In our continuing effort to ensure that international opportunities are accessible for all, Via is working side by side with StudentUniverse to help make study abroad more affordable to students. Travelers with a valid .edu email address are eligible to take advantage of travel discounts provided by StudentUniverse

Admins in Via can opt to auto-send notifications to students at various stages of their enrollment journey. These notifications contain a special link where students can book travel at discounted rates. 

Via student data show that the #1 barrier to studying abroad is cost. As it is our mission to empower every student to engage in global opportunities, we are very excited to offer students the opportunity to save money.

To opt in...

  1. Click the photo/silhouette in the upper right corner and select Settings
  2. Scroll down to Organization Settings
  3. Locate the Option 'Allow StudentUniverse Travel Discounts for Travelers'
  4. Turn the Option Setting to On
  5. Click Save


Travelers can opt out of receiving StudentUniverse emails at any time.