How do I edit Custom Fields?

In Via, Admins with permission can create, edit and archive Custom Fields.  A Custom Field is a data input field added to all Traveler profiles in the organization’s account. Custom Fields enable admins (and/or Travelers if a field is Public) to add customized data for all Travelers.

Custom Fields can be Public or Private. A Public Custom Field is visible on the Traveler view of their profile under Additional Information. Admins can view both Private and Public Custom Fields on the Admin view of Traveler profile under Custom Fields. Travelers cannot view Private Custom Fields.

Public Custom Fields are visible to Travelers on their view of their Profile under Additional Information. Travelers can edit the content in Public Custom Fields. If a Traveler edits or adds content to a Public Custom Field, that updated content will appear updated on the Admin view of Custom Fields.


Admins can, at any time, edit a Custom Field. If a Custom Field is edited, the field name will be updated on all Traveler profiles.

To edit a Custom Field…

  1. Click the photo icon in the upper right corner in the main navigation menu 
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Click the Custom Fields tab
  4. Click the three dots under Actions next to the desired Custom Field
  5. Select Edit
  6. Edit Custom Field name
  7. Click Save