How do I delete a Traveler from my account?

Administrators with permission can delete Travelers. Deleting Travelers will remove them from the account and will remove all of their associated data as well. This means that effectively the Traveler will appear as though they've never existed in the account. Any historic data including applications, forms, program interests, event registrations, etc will all be deleted.

Please note that not all Administrators have permission to delete Travelers. If you do not have the ability to delete, please reach out to your office Super User/s for assistance.

Deleted Travelers and all their associated data are irretrievable. Deleting Travelers is an irreversible action.

Now that we've provided all the disclaimers, here's how Administrators with permission delete a Traveler.

  1. Go to the desired Traveler's profile by clicking the Traveler's name or email address from any dashboard
  2. In the upper right corner of the Traveler's profile, click Actions
  3. Select Delete Traveler
  4. Type DELETE in all caps 
  5. Click Delete Traveler