How do I delete a Traveler Application?

Admins with permission can delete Traveler Applications. A Traveler Application refers to an Application that a Traveler has filled out. (For more information on deleting the custom application template that an Admin in your organization has created, click here.)

When an Admin deletes a Traveler Application, all data associated with the Application will be deleted and are irretrievable. In addition, ANY Traveler General Forms associated with that Application will also be deleted. As such, Via has a double confirm pop-up that appears. Admins wishing to delete a Traveler Application must type DELETE in order to verify and complete the action.

Deleted Traveler Applications cannot be retrieved. Deleting an Application will ALSO delete any General Forms associated with that Application.

To delete a Traveler Application...

  1. Click Applications in the main navigation menu
  2. Find the desired Traveler Application
  3. Click the name of the application template to open the Traveler Application
  4. In the Review panel on the right, click Actions
  5. Select Delete Application
  6. Type DELETE
  7. Click Delete