How do I curate my Risk Alert Feed?

Via's Travel Risk Alerts provide 24/7 real-time updates on global risks and emergencies, keeping administrators informed. By default, Via Travel will display all Risk Alerts regardless of  Risk Levels, Risk Types, Location or existing on-site Travelers.

Admins may opt to establish preferences for their own Travel Alert Feed based on specific Risk Levels, Risk Types, Risk Countries, and the potential impact on on-site Travelers. This feature enables greater customization and personalization for the Travel Alert Feed, allowing administrators to tailor alerts to their specific personal needs and requirements. By leveraging this functionality, administrators can stay informed about critical travel-related risks for their travelers and institutions. 

Via Travel allows admins to set their travel alert filters based on personal preference to personalize which Travel Alerts are displayed on their feed. Admin can also opt into Mailer notifications based on their filters, if desired.


Curating your Travel Alerts feed will only hide alerts that do not meet your preferences. To view all travel alerts and incidents reported, check out our article on How do I report on Travel Risk Alerts?


To curate your alert feed...

  1. Click on the exclamation point icon on the top right corner of your screen (you'll notice it in red)
  2. Click Filter on the top right corner of the Travel Alert Feed panel
  3. Toggle Only Display Alerts if Travelers are Impacted to On or Off, as desired 
  4. Select desired Risk Levels
  5. Select desired Risk Types
  6. Select desired Program Countries to include or exclude
  7. If you would like to receive a mailer when alerts match your preferences, check the box next to Send me a mailer when an alert matches these filters (optional)
  8. Click Apply


Note that if an admin only wants to see Travelers that may have been impacted, toggle the Only Display Alerts if Travelers are Impacted to On. This setting will be active by ensuring the checkmark is visible.