How do I create saved filters on dashboards?

Admins can use saved filters on dashboards to return to specific views and datasets any time they wish. In other words, Admins can use filters and columns on their dashboards to create different 'desktops' to return to depending on the tasks they want to complete or data they want to manage.

Some examples are:

  • Admins managing traveler applications may set up a saved filter to monitor Submitted applications for upcoming programs they manage
  • Admins may use a saved filter to view authorized program terms that do not yet have a suitcase assigned
  • Admins may want to find Travelers that have not yet started applications and have indicated they are worried about cost

....and about a million other use cases ☺️


To Save filters...

  1. Go to the desired dashboard by clicking the name of the data set in the main navigation menu (i.e., Applications, Forms, etc.)
  2. Use the filters on the left to narrow down the data in your table
  3. Click the three vertical lines in the top right corner of the data table to see which columns are currently visible/not visible
  4. Check the boxes in the list to show columns, de-check the boxes in the list to hide columns
  5. Once your data table has what you want, type the name in the bottom left corner of the screen (this will be the name of your Saved Filter)
  6. Click Save
  7. If desired, click Make Available to Team (this will enable other colleagues to use the saved filter you've created)
  8. When no longer needed, Admins can delete the Saved Filter by clicking Delete Filter


Click Clear Filters when you want to show all data in the data table. Note that Clear Filters clears out your filter selections on the left. It does not clear any rows you have selected with a check mark or columns you've chosen to hide/show. To clear all selected rows, de-check the check box in the header row.