How do I create a Traveler Application on behalf of a Traveler?

Admins with permission can create a Traveler Application, associated with a specific program and term, and add it to a Traveler Profile. Admins may want to add an Application for a number of reasons including as part of the advising process, to assist a student, to allow a Traveler to start an Application after a deadline has passed, etc. 

Keep in mind, when adding an Application to a Traveler where the application deadline is in the past, the Traveler will be able to edit and save the Traveler Application, but they will not be able to submit it. In this instance, Via recommends requesting that the student send a message when their application is complete so that an Admin can 'submit' the application on behalf of the student. The Admin can also move the application deadline into the future to allow the student to submit the application, however, this will open the application deadline for all students for that particular program term.


To add a Traveler Application to a Traveler...

1. Find the desired Traveler on any of the dashboards 

2. Click the Traveler's name or email to go to their Traveler Profile

3. In the upper right corner, click Actions

4. Select Add Application from the dropdown menu

5. Select the desired Program Name and Program Term from the dropdown menus

6. Click Add Application

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