How do I authorize a provider or affiliate program?

Admins with permission can 'authorize' a provider or affiliate program. Authorized is Via's way of saying 'adding this program to your program portfolio.' Once authorized, the program/s will be visible to your Travelers and Visitors. In order to apply for home campus approval to an authorized/provider/affiliate program, Admins with permission will need to assign a suitcase to the authorized program term/s. For more info on assigning suitcases, check out this article!

To authorize a program from the Program Dashboard...

1. Login to Via

2. Click Programs in the main navigation menu

3. Click the Unauthorized view

4. Select an Organization Name in the filters on the left (this is required!) 

5. Filter/search for the desired program/s by the Organization you've selected

5. Check the box next to the program/s you wish to authorize

5. Click the Actions drop down menu and select Authorize

6. Confirm in the pop up by clicking Authorize


To authorize a provider program from within the Program Brochure…

  1. Click Programs in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Unauthorized in the sub navigation menu
  3. Select an Organization Name in the Organization filter
  4. Filter/search the desired program
  5. Click on the desired program name to view the Program Brochure
  6. Click Unauthorize

Once authorized, the program/s will appear in the Authorized view and disappear from the Unauthorized view.

NOTE: If a provider or affiliate unpublishes or archives a program that a home campus has authorized, that program will disappear from the home campus program portfolio in the Admin, Traveler and Visitor views. Previously created applications will be unaffected by this change and will still be editable, filterable and reportable.