How do I add notes to a Traveler Application?

Admins with permission can add Admin-only notes and attachments directly to a Traveler Application. Travelers cannot see Admin notes or attachments that are added in Application Review Mode in the Administrative Review Panel. Admins can type whatever content they deem appropriate and add any desired attachments, keeping in mind that all Admin roles with permission to view a Traveler Application will be able to view Admin-only notes and attachments. 

To add internal notes and attachments to a Traveler Application...

1. Login to Via

2a. Navigate to a Traveler Application by clicking the Application (template) name next to the desired Traveler on the Application Dashboard


2b. Navigate to a Traveler Profile, click Traveler Programs, select the desired Application and click View Details and then View on the specific Application

3. On the right side, type in Internal Notes and format as desired

4. Click + add internal attachment to add one or more attachments

5. Click Save

Once an internal attachment is added, it can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon. Deleted attachments will be immediately removed.