How do I add custom questions to a General Form (template)?

Admins with permission can customize General Forms (templates) by adding different question types. The question types available in Via are:

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice (Yes/No)
  • Dropdown 
  • Date Picker
  • Signature
  • Recommendation
  • Video
  • File Upload
  • File Download
  • Rating
  • Fee / Payment

See below to add a custom question to a previously created General Form. To learn more about how to create a new General Form, click here.


To add a question to a General Form…

  1. Click Builder in the main navigation
  2. Click General Forms
  3. Click the desired Form
  4. Click the desired question type on the left to open the Add Panel on the right
  5. Type in the label, instructions, designate it required/not required and any other info relevant to the question
  6. Click Add to Form
  7. The Question will appear below the last header, paragraph or question on the General Form
  8. To move the Question, click it. When it turns green, drag and drop it where desired
  9. To edit the Question, click it. Edit the text on the left edit panel and click Save
  10. To delete the Question, click it. Click the Trash Can Icon. Type DELETE. Click Delete
  11. Click Back to All Forms to return to the list of all forms

Admins can also add Traveler Info fields and Public Custom fields to General Forms. To learn more about how to add Traveler Info fields, click here.


Q: I looked through the list of custom questions, but in my view, I can’t see the following: CashNet, CashNet with code, Flywire, Payflow or Touchnet… why?

A: These questions require a custom data integration with an organization’s payment system; if you’re interested in learning more, send us an email at to get the particulars!